Endoport – Portsmouth Advanced Endoscopy Symposium

🗓 May 08-10th, 2022 | 🌐  Hybrid

Endoport has finally gone virtual, and you are invited!

For the first time, our live audience will be joined by virtual attendees for 2 days of exciting live endoscopy, lectures and panel debates.

Endoscopyonair & Endoport

A word from our Course Director,
Professor Pradeep Bhandari

Dear Friends,
I am delighted to announce that Endoport 2022 will be a face-to-face meeting this year. England has lifted all the restrictions so we would like to welcome you in Portsmouth to enjoy the two days of action-packed program as well as the English summer!! This year will be the 17th annual event of the Portsmouth Endoscopy symposium. I have put together a very exciting program to be delivered by the world-renowned faculty. The vision is to have an expert opinion on the most commonly performed procedures and tips and tricks to improve our outcomes. There will be live endoscopy across both days, as well as lectures, panel debates, and discussions, to involve everyone from trainees to consultants. Registration has been heavily discounted for early bird registrants and for previous attendees of Endoport. Please use the link below to get yourself registered. The event has been registered for CPD points with RCP (UK). The event will benefit the experts, trainees, Endoscopy nurses, and industry colleagues who want to enhance their knowledge. Sessions will be recorded and available online only to those who register. The Endoport team is waiting to greet you on 9-10th May. We also aim to provide very limited seats for hands-on training on tissue models on Sunday the 8th of May.

Best Wishes and I Hope to see you in Portsmouth Please feel free to contact us on the email: portsmouth.advancedendoscopy@gmail.com if you have any queries.

What this course will include:

  • Pre-symposium course aimed at endoscopists starting EMR/ESD/ERCP or those aiming to improve skills
  • Hands-on training on animal tissue models
  • Expert faculty with low delegate to faculty ratio
  • EMR/ESD training including basics of mucosal incision, submucosal dissection, ampullary cannulation and clip closure
  • Experience with a range of knives, diathermy, Hot AXIOS and injection techniques


Portsmouth Advanced Endoscopy Symposium at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel
Southampton Road, Cosham, PO6 4SH

International Faculty Members

National Faculty Members

Course Directors

Event Agenda

Day 1
Monday, 9 May 2022 (the shown times are in the BST time zone)

Welcome Address

P. Bhandari

Upper GI Neoplasia Detection: How do I do it?

Chairs: P. Bhandari, S. Abe, A. Dhar
Barrett’s Neoplasia
K. Ragunath
Squamous Neoplasia
H. Inoue
Gastric Neoplasia
T. Gotoda

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower GI)

Moderators: A. Dhar, C. Gordon, J. Dunn

Debate: EMR vs ESD in the Management of Barrett’s Neoplasia

Moderators: T. Rösch. For EMR: O. Pech. For ESD: P. Deprez

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower)

Moderators: G. Longcroft-Wheaton, S. Al-Awadhi, A. Al-Lehibi

Upper GI MDT: Case-based Panel Discussion

Chairs: P. Bhandari, A. Repici | Panel: N. Carter, K. Ragunath, S. Abe

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower GI)

Moderators: A. Repici, A. Sanchez-Yague

Live Endoscopy (India)


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Upper GI Neoplasia

Chairs: P. Bhandari, A. Repici | Speaker: P. Sharma | Panel discussion: H. Messmann, E. Schoon

Lunch & Live Endoscopy

Chairs: J. Esteban, A. Sanchez-Yague

Bariatric Endoscopy in 2022

Speaker: B. Abu-Dayyeh | Panel: A. Repici, R. Haidry, M. Al-Khatry

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower GI)

Moderators: A. Repici, R. Haidry, P. Desai

Update on Third Space Endoscopy

Chairs: A. Haji, A. Repici, P. Desai | POEM: T Rösch | G-POEM: M. Khashab | Endoscopic Diverticulotomy: A. Maydeo | New Frontiers: A. Bapaye

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower GI)

Moderators: S. Ishaq, F. Chedgy

Endoscopic Anti-reflux in 2022

Moderators: A. Repici, A. Al-Kandari, R. Haidry | Speaker: B. Abu-Dayyeh

Live Endoscopy (Upper & Lower GI)

Moderators: E. Despott, A. Al-Kandari

Updates in Upper GI Bleed Management

Moderators: J. Morris, M. Omar, B. Abu-Dayyeh
Endoscopic Treatment of Non-Variceal Bleed
I. Gralnek
Endoscopic Treatment of Variceal Bleed
M. Ibrahim
Topical Haemostatic Agents
S. Subramaniam

Live Endoscopy Catch-up & Close

A. Al-Kandari, C. Hassan, M. Omar

Satellite symposium (Creo Medical)- Innovation in Endoscopic Resection

Chairs: P. Bhandari, Z. Tsiamoulos, M. Ramchandani
Day 2
Tuesday, 10 May 2022 (the shown times are in the BST time zone)

Polyps: How do I do it?

Chairs: K. Kandiah, A. Al-Lehibi, A. Al-Kandari
Pedunculated Polyp: Safe Resection & Prevention of Bleeding
J. Anderson
Hot Colonic EMR
N. Suzuki
Duodenal EMR
S. Abe

Updates on Polyp Resection (Cold Resection; Hot Resection; Underwater Resection, FTRD)

Moderators: J. Anderson, E. Despott | Speaker: M. Bourke | Panellists: S. Dolwani, Y. Saito, B. Saunders

Live Endoscopy from Milan (HPB) & Kent (Colon)

M. Nayar, A. Sanchez-Yague, E. Albéniz

Colorectal MDT: Case based discussion

Moderators: P. Bhandari & A. Parra-Blanco | Panellists: E. Albéniz, B. Saunders, J. Khan

Live Endoscopy from Milan (HPB) & Kent (Colon)

Moderators: M. Nayar, N. Tehami, A. Haji

Lower GI Debate 1: Complex right colonic polyp management (Surgery vs EMR vs ESD)

Chairs: S. Dolwani, S. Green, J | East Surgery: J. Khan | EMR: B. Rembacken | ESD: Y. Saito

Lower GI Debate 2: Large Rectal Polyp Management (TEMS vs ESD)

Chairs: A. Parra-Blanco & N. Mohammed | TEMS: J. Khan | ESD: A. Haji



Artificial Intelligence in Colonoscopy

Moderators: H. Neumann, C. Rees, J. East | Detection: C. Hassan | Characterisation: Y. Mori | Beyond Detection and Characterisation: M. Byrne

ESD Masterclass

Chairs: P. Bhandari, N. Suzuki, Z. Tsiamoulos
Conventional Techniques for colorectal ESD
Y. Saito
Conventional techniques for Upper GI ESD
S. Abe
Evolution in ESD techniques (Pocket creation, Tunnelling, Traction)
H. Yamamoto

Prevention and Management of Endoscopic Complications

Chairs: A. Bapaye, H. Neumann | Strictures: R. Haidry | Bleeding: E. Albéniz | Fistula: R. Haidry | Perforation: N. Suzuki

New Frontiers in Therapeutic Endoscopy

Chairs: S. Subramaniam, A. Al-Lehibi
Single use endoscope
A. Repici
Novel EUS Guided Therapy
M. Barthet
Traction ESD
P. Bhandari

Catch up & Close

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