Cesare Hassan

Title: MD, PhD
Position: Associate Professor of Gastroenterology
Organization: Humanitas Rozzano
Country: Italy

Cesare Hassan, MD, PhD, is a clinical gastroenterologist with special interest in new technologies applied to CRC screening. In this field, he has participated in several international and national trials on detection and characterization of colorectal polyps as Principal Investigator or co-investigator. In particular, a strict collaboration with Prof. Repici in Humanitas has focused on potential improvement of both diagnostic and advanced colonoscopy, consisting of controlled trials, as well as of systematic review of the literature, and basic research. As chair of the Guideline Committee of ESGE, he has published several guidelines in all the main endoscopic field, including precancerous lesions in upper- and lowerGI. As expert in economic analysis and economic models, he has assessed the benefits and costs of new technologies, such as Resect and Discard, Propofol-sedation, CT colonography, colon capsule, and so on.