Alberto Baptista

Title: MD
Position: Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist
Organization: Endoscopia Digestiva Terapéutica Hospital de Clínicas Caracas
Country: Venezuela

Advanced gastrointestinal endoscopist with 27 years experience. Expert in endoscopic management of severe complications after bariatric, oncological, and biliary surgery.

Dedicated to and involved in innovation through development of emerging endoscopic technologies and procedures (POEM, G-POEM, ESD, endoscopic endovascular embolization, antireflux procedures, digestive fistulae closure, endosuture).

Dr. Baptista has a high proficiency in esophageal, gastrointestinal, colonic, biliary, and pancreatic stenting. He is also a regional pioneer in confocal endomicroscopy, third space endoscopy, propofol sedation, Barrett’s RFA, and cholangioscopy.