Florinda Bascone

Title: MD
Position: Head of Colorectal Screening Departmental Operative Unit
Organization: Hospital "GF Ingrassia" - ASP Palermo
Country: Italy

She graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Palermo on 11/11/1991 with a grade of 110/110 cum laude

She obtained a specialization in Geriatrics and Gerontology at the School of Specialization of the University of Palermo on 12/14/1996 with a grade of 50/50 cum laude.

Qualified to practice professionally in 1992 University of Palermo

From September 2002 after regular competition for Internal Medicine she was hired with a permanent and full-time contract by the ASP of Palermo, where she practices at the P.O. GF Ingrassia.

In the first six months of 2003 he followed a training course in Digestive Endoscopy at the Emergency Surgery of the University Hospital of Palermo.

Since 2015 he has been working at the UOSD of Gastroenterology where he performs endoscopic gastrointestinal investigations (colonoscopy and esophagogastroscopy) both diagnostic and operational in the context of external requests managed by the CUP, of the Screening of colorectal Ca, of the internal requests of the P.O. Ingrassia and all the other P.O. of the Company, Abdominal ultrasound, and shifts of ready availability at night and on holidays for endoscopic emergencies afferent to all P.O. of the Company.

He is a member of the verification team, since 2015 to date, for the implementation of the “Global Trigger Tool Assessor Project”, having followed a specific training course after having taken and passed an examination for selection in March 2015

During 2018 he actively participated in the development and implementation of the NEWS program, being among the signatories of the company path “NEWS – National Early Warning Score Standardized measurement of the severity of the disease” and part of the traveling team for monitoring the correct application of the NEWS same in all P.O. Corporate.

From 03/03/2021 she has been appointed by the Company Management as the contact person in the conduct of colorectal screening in accordance with the provisions of the D.A. 1845/2012

From 01/01/2022 she was appointed Head of the Departmental Colorectal Screening UOS according to just resolution

Since 25/01/2022 she has been the organizer and contact person of the training project “Training for the acquisition of technical skills in submucosal dissection in Endoscopy” which takes place throughout the year 2022, with a resolution approved by the Training Office of the ASP and accredited ECM.