Q3 Medical Group is a global leader in innovative Biodegradable and Micro Invasive Technology. We are delivering on our vision and promise of Creating Value By Helping People.

This vision is being realized through our mission of developing technology that can increase patient experience and quality of life, reduce the cost of care, provide healthcare settings with the solution to bed space and waiting lists as well as offering the opportunity to save on carbon emissions and become more sustainable.  

Q3 Medical’s biodegradable technology, ARCHIMEDES and UNITY-B can accomplish this through eliminating the need for follow up procedures and minimizing the complication rate associated with traditional plastic and metal devices. We pride ourselves on the collaboration we have with health care professionals that helps us to accelerate the concept of biodegradable technology in clinical spaces where there is ‘a need’, and we will continue to develop innovative solutions with the patient at the core of our journey.



UNITY-B Endoscopic


About Q3 Medical Devices Ltd.

Q3 Medical Devices Ltd. is an Ireland based holding company with multiple global operations in Germany, China, & the United States focused on “Creating Value By Helping People” through the development, manufacturing and distribution of its novel biodegradable and Micro Invasive
Technologies products platform for the interventional peripheral vascular and non-vascular markets. www.q3medical.com