Fujifilm is a pioneer in high-definition diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare providers. Our products facilitate diagnoses and treatments, setting new standards for small bowel endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound systems and imaging technologies. Our state-of-the-art ELUXEO endoscopic system with its LED Multi Light technology provides the observation modes LCI (Linked Color Imaging ) and BLI (Blue Light Imaging), allowing greater differentiation and detailed high-resolution imaging for improved detection and characterisation in diagnosis and pre-therapeutic assessment. On top of that the new CAD EYE function, based on AI technology, supports detection and characterisation of colon polyps even more.

Due to the incorporation of medwork medical device products in the portfolio we now offer further endoscopy solutions: Our broad range of therapeutic devices from polypectomy to ERCP features the versatile Clutch Cutter as well as the effective medwork Flamingo device to meet the therapeutic challenges of the buried bumper-syndrome and many other tools.


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