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Creo Medical is an Advanced Energy company developing technology and medical devices to improve patient outcomes in the field of therapeutic endoscopy. 

Our CROMA Advanced Energy Platform combines super-high frequency Microwave and Bipolar Radiofrequency energy to enable a range of miniature endoscopic devices to precisely cut, coagulate and ablate.

Speedboat Inject is the first Advanced Energy multi-modality instrument designed for flexible endoscopy that can deliver both advanced bipolar and microwave energy from a single device.

Together, the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform and Speedboat Inject offer a novel solution – Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) – that takes endoscopic resection to new levels, bringing the control and prevision of Advanced Energy to Therapeutic Endoscopy for the first time.

SSD offers a solution to the challenges posed by the complex learning curve and high procedure volumes needed to become proficient in ESD.  Our comprehensive training program is designed to shorten the learning curve without compromising safety.

To find out more about our product portfolio please visit us at:  or contact us to request more information.


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