Make endoscopic diagnosis and treatment more accessible and convenient

Aohua Endoscopy Co., Ltd. founded in 1994 is a well-known medical endoscope manufacturer.Since inception,aohua has been focusing on the development of endoscopic technology,while committed to becoming a leading international provider of Integrated endoscopic solutions.

After more than 28 years of dedication and innovation,Aohua’s products have covered multiple clinical departments such as Gastroenterology Dept,Surgical Dept,Pneumology Dept,Otolaryngology Dept,Gynecology Dept,Emergency Dept,Anesthesiology Dept,ICU and etc.

Nowadays,Aohua has provided products for medical institutions in more than 80 countries ,including full HD digestive endoscopy system,HD laryngoscopy system,HD bronchoscopy system,4K UHD laparoscopy,medical stent,endoscopic accessories and other products.

First laser communication endoscopy system in the world .(Lase communication endoscopy system: A combination of laser communication, 1080P, wireless power supply, dual-image display, RFID and other industry-first features)