Wendy Jo Carmel

Position: President
Organization: ESGENA
Country: Denmark

Wendy Jo Carmel is an Endoscopy Nurse with a specialization in Advanced Endoscopy. Her journey with ESGENA (European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates) began in 2013 when she joined as a board member. Currently, she holds the position of President within the organization. She has also been actively involved as a Hands-on Trainer at the ESGE/ESGENA Learning Center during UEGW (United European Gastroenterology Week) since 2007.
Furthermore, she worked at ESGE/ESGENA Live Endoscopic workshops in various countries, including Bulgaria, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Romania. Additionally, she serves as a Hands-on Trainer at several ESGE Symposiums.