Giancarla Fiori

Title: MD
Position: Complex Structure Director - Endoscopy Division
Organization: European Institute of Oncology
Country: Italy

Dr. Giancarla Fiori; Surgeon with specialization in Digestive System Surgery and Digestive Endoscopy; Complex Structure Director – Endoscopy Division – European Institute of Oncology.


Activities concerning the prevention, recognition and endoscopic control of situations at risk of developing tumors of the digestive system and precancerous lesions of the digestive mucosa.

Oncologically curative endoscopic treatment of superficial benign and malignant neoplasms of the digestive tract (complex mucosectomies, submucosal dissections, full thickness resections)

Non-obstructive palliative endoscopic treatment of advanced neoplasms of the digestive tract and biliary tract, as well as metastatic diseases.


Participation in multi-center clinical research, concluded and in progress concerning:

1. Pharmacological field:

the experimentation of preparations to improve visceral cleansing and endoscopic visibility of mucous lesions.

the search for drugs capable of slowing the development and growth of neoplasms.

2. Technological-instrumental area:

the comparison between different endoscopic treatment techniques

experimentation with new imaging diagnostic equipment