Arianna Parrella

Position: General Secretary
Organization: Azienda USL di Modena, ESGENA
Country: Italy

Arianna Parrella is an endoscopy nurse with a master’s degree in Endoscopy, specializing in this field. Currently, she holds the prestigious position of General Secretary as a board member of ESGENA (European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates), contributing significantly to the advancement of endoscopy nursing in Europe.

In addition to her role in ESGENA, she also serves on the scientific committee of the Italian Society of Endoscopy Nurses, known as ANOTE-ANIGEA. This involvement allows her to stay engaged with the latest developments in the field and collaborate with fellow professionals to enhance endoscopy nursing practices in Italy. Furthermore, she actively participates in various educational projects within my departments, furthering her commitment to promoting excellence and knowledge-sharing within the endoscopy nursing community.