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December 9 | January 20 | February 11


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December 9 | January 20 | February 11

DECEMBER 9 (CET): – Pancreatobiliary Endoscopy 2020 – Session 1 How to Deal with Malignancy
10:00 (CET) Welcome and Introduction

Alessandro Repici (Italy), Darragh Tolan (BSc), Dave Pierce (BSc)
MORNING SESSION: 10:20 AM – 11:40 AM

Moderators: Eduard Jonas (South Africa) Ibrahim Mostafa (Egypt)
10:20 Topic Lecture: Management of ampullary lesions
Eduard Jonas (South Africa)
10:40 Live cases – KFMC, Riyadh & Humanitas Research Hospital Milano
Abed AlLehibi (KSA), Andrea Anderloni (Italy)
11.40 Topic Lecture: Update on management of cholangiocarcinoma
Evgeny Fedorov (Russia)
12:00 Video Break

Moderators: Khalid Saad Niaz (Pakistan), Richard Szmola(Hungary)
12:10 Live Case from Misr Hospital Cairo
Mostafa Ibrahim (Egypt), Hany Shehab (Egypt)
12:40 Master Lecture: Palliation of pancreatic cancer
Mouen Khashab, (USA)
13.00 Video Quiz
Nabil Debzi (Algeria), Mikhail Vyborniy (Russia), Stanislav Budzinsky (Russia)
13:20 The Expert Debate: EUS-guided tissue sampling
Mouen Khashab (USA), Tajana Pavic (Croatia), Abdulrahman Alfadda (KSA), Emad El Jahdali (KSA), Sean Burmeister (South Africa),
13.40 Sponsor Lecture: Innovation in Endoscopy
Brian Dunkin (BSc)
JANUARY 20 – Session 2: How to deal with Benign Disease
MORNING SESSION: 10:00 AM – 11:40 AM

Jörg Reichenberger (South Africa), Ayman Yousry (Egypt)
10:00 Welcome and Introduction
Alessandro Repici (Italy), Darragh Tolan, (BSc)
10:20 Master Lecture: 30 year of ERCP – what comes next?
Nageshwar Reddy (India)
10:40 Live cases – Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg
Christopher Ziady (South Africa), John Devar, (South Africa)
11.40 Tandem Lecture: Big stones – tips and trick
Wadha Al Jaser (Kuwait), Petko Karagyozov, (Bulgaria)
12.00 Video Break
Partner Video

Moderators: Omar Sharif (Bahrain), Martin Smith (South Africa)
12:10 Live Cases: KFSH – Riyadh
Abdulrahman Fadda (KSA)
12.40 Topic Lecture: Stenting for benign disease
Riad Azar (Lebanon)
13.00 Video Lecture: SpyGlass assisted Lithrotripsy in Common hepatic duct through EUS Guided Hepato- Gastrostomy in a pt. With previous Roux-n-Y anastomosis
Hakan Senturk (Turkey)
13.20 Video Quiz
Leanne Prodehl (South Africa), Amr El Fouly (Egypt), Majidah Bukhari (KSA)
13.40 The burden and risk of Infections In ERCP
Assaad Soweid (Lebanon)
13.50 Expert Debate: Disposable scopes – the future ?
Abdulrahman Alfadda (KSA) Bader Al Ajlan (KSA) Mostafa Ibrahim (Egypt) Nadan Rustemovic, (Croatia), Assaad Soweid (Lebanon)
Partner Lecture: Introduction to the company pipeline
Mike Jones (BSc)
FEBRUARY 11: Session 3 Endo Resection 2025

Welcome & Introduction

Prof Repici (Italy), Robert Kruidenier (Bsc)
MORNING SESSION: 10:20 PM – 11:30 PM

Moderators: Michal Spychalski (Poland), Hazem Elminshawy (Egypt)
10:20 Master Lecture: The future of endoluminal surgery
Michael Wallace (UAE)
10.40 Practical Lecture: Submucosal elevation – tips and tricks
Asma Al Kandari (Kuwait)
11.00 Live Case from Humanitas Research Hospital, Milano
Alessandro Repici (Italy)
11.30 Video Break

Moderators: Maryam Al Khatry (UAE) Asim Yusuf (Pakistan)
12.00 Topic Lecture: EMR hot and cold
Ammar Kheir (UAE)
12.20 Live Case from Metropolitan General Hospital, Athens
Stefanos Bassioukas (Greece)
12.50 Master Lecture: Colorectal ESD
Pradeep Bhandari (UK)
13.10 Video Quiz
Emad Al Jahdali (KSA), Eugeniy Solonitsyn (Russia), Ahmad Waseil Al Harbi (KSA)
13.30 Expert Debate: Complication prevention in endoresection
Alessandro Repici (Italy), Pradeep Bhandari (UK), Asma Al Kandari (Kuwait), Ahmed Madkour (Egypt), Alexander Smirnov (Russia)
13.50 Farewell Lecture: COVID and medical practice in emerging markets
Majid AlMadi (KSA), Darragh Tolan (BSc)


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